Harmony Health and Wellness, LLC

Health and healing are within your reach!

How you feel is a reflection of how you live.

We will work on how to promote positive vitality, health and wellness.

Healthy Family

Harmony Health and Wellness, LLC is a unique healthcare clinic specializing in personalized, lifestyle medicine. This supports the body’s amazing capacity to heal itself by providing the right kind of treatments.

Kim Harm is trained in functional medicine, which searches for the root cause of symptoms, illness, imbalance, or disease, and replaces them with healthy behaviors. All aspects of lifestyle are addressed such as nutrition, physical activity, sleep and rest, relaxation and stress reduction, relationships, sense of purpose, and involvement in community.

The clinic supports your efforts to achieve optimal health and wellness with evidenced-based treatments tailored to meet your individual lifestyle, understanding that lifestyle factors are all interrelated in their impact on health.

The clinic works with your primary care provider or specialists to support you on your journey to health and wellness. The clinic empowers you to take an active role in your health.


Evidence-Based Treatments
Personalized Lifestyle Treatment

Working with Your Primary Care Provider
Empowering YOU in an Active Role

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